Visiting a Hair Loss Hospital

a hair loss hospital

Visiting a Hair Loss Hospital

If you’re concerned about hair loss, a visit to a specialist at a hair loss hospital may be necessary. The doctor will ask you about your family history and conduct a physical exam of your scalp and hair. He or she will look at the pattern of your hair loss and may gently tug a few hairs to pull out for testing.

A blood test or a scalp sample may also be needed if the doctor suspects that your hair loss is caused by a medical illness, such as systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus), syphilis, thyroid problems, iron deficiency, or a sex-hormone imbalance.

Drug side effects, especially those from chemotherapy, can also cause sudden hair loss and should be discussed with your doctor. Your doctor may recommend a hair restoration or hair transplantation procedure, in which a small piece of hair-bearing skin from the back of your head is surgically moved to bald areas of your scalp. In some cases, this can provide a near permanent solution for patients with severe hair loss.

Other medications can help to slow the progression of alopecia, and some topical treatments can stimulate hair growth. Some of these require a prescription and others are available over-the-counter.