What Is a Business Item?

Business item

What Is a Business Item?

In business, the term Business item is used to refer to any type of good or service that a company provides. This includes any physical units that are tracked in inventory, labor time units that aren’t tracked in inventory, and even services that aren’t physically delivered. Each of these types of items requires an item card, which is the record that holds all the information you need to buy, sell, store and account for them.

You can create an item card from scratch or copy an existing one, as explained in How to Create Item Cards and How to Copy Existing Items to Create New Items. In addition, you can save an item card as a template, which lets you use it when creating new items. To do so, select the Save as Template action on the Item Card page and choose a name for the template. www.solsot.co.kr

An item can be assigned to an Item Category Group, which enables you to classify it according to the way you use it. For example, you might use one Item Category Group for raw materials and another for finished goods. You can also assign a Business Unit to an item, which allows you to track the costs and profits for a specific division of your business.

If this checkbox is selected, the item is relevant for delivery. This means that it will be copied into the delivery note when you post a sales document for which it is a line item. You don’t need to select this for text or value items (item category A or TAN), which are already relevant for delivery.

You can set up a number of different kinds of rules for an item card, as described in How to Set Up Rule Types and How to Use Rule Types. Some of these rules are relevant for purchase and sales documents, while others are only for use in the inventory system. You can also set up a Bill of Material (BOM) for an item, as explained in Work with BOMs. You can also configure the item to require payment terms at the header level and allow them at the line item level, and whether it is a return item. You can also configure the item to deviate from the default transaction type set up for the sales document.